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Karuna North Addiction Services

Yoga / Meditation / Mindfulness Therapy

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Addiction Recovery and Intensive Outpatient Services

Our Intensive outpatient program “Elemental.Expansive.Evolution.” is a three-pronged program and begins with an intensive 8 weeks of  90-minute groups that focus on psycho-educational content of addiction and recovery and an Eastern medicine approach to detoxification utilizing Tradition Chinese Medicine practices provided by Dr. Lu’s Nourishing Life. Successful completion of the initial 8 weeks will lead to the second and third prong of programming which involves identifying specific problem areas, Men’s and Women’s evidenced-based recovery programming, Seeking Safety programs, and intensive Trauma Recovery psychotherapy utilizing Sensori-motor Psychotherapy and EMDR Therapy.  Participants will receive both individual and group therapy sessions, will be encouraged to attend yoga/meditation/mindfulness classes and Forest Bathing Walks, as well as a community CrossFit groups specifically informed to support their recovery. Our program is designed to treat a group of 12 participants successfully through all three prongs. For more information about our Intensive Outpatient Services, please contact Deann Gossard at (419) 315-6422.  For specific questions regarding the detoxification component of our program please contact at Gretchen Leu at (419) 466-9891.

Program Philosophy

Recovery vs. Abstinence

Karuna North is invested in the real deal of inner transformation.  Karuna North strives to foster conditions where a person can heal and be free of addiction.  If a person “uses” while in treatment it simply reveals more opportunity for growth.  It is, in fact, the natural process of change.  The proper conditions for growth are continually assessed and established along the way.  Karuna wants people that desire not just sobriety, but a life transformed.  The real deal of treatment.

The Karuna Way-Our Process

We use somatic treatment modalities such as EMDR, Somatic Experiencing and Sensorimotor psychotherapy to heal trauma and restore connection-This is our focus and aim, it is not to stop the addiction, but to heal the pain rendering the addiction no longer necessary

Eastern Medicine-Detoxification through Traditional Chinese medicine collaborating with Dr. Lu’s Nourishing Life

Wellness-Our groups are imbued with wellness practices such as yoga/meditation/mindfulness, Forest Bathing, Crossfit, Clarity of Mind Through Organization and other wellness practices. 

Addiction Programs

Our intensive outpatient program is an intensive 8 weeks of 90 minute groups 3 days a week, individual therapy.  We use an Eastern medicine approach for detoxification utilizing Traditional Chinese Medicine practices provided by Dr. Lu’s Nourishing Life.  Successful completion of this program leads to the next level of treatment.

Group Therapy: 

Group therapy is designed to learn strategies to transform lives and foster healing and connection so addiction is no longer necessary.  Wellness practices such as yoga/meditation/mindfulness and forest bathing are incorporated into our groups. 

Individual psychotherapy:

“Not why the addiction but why the pain” ~Gabor Mate

Our individual therapy sessions focus on the root of the addiction.  Our counselors are trained to treat addiction and trauma and utilize somatic therapies that have been shown to be effective in identifying and treating the underlying cause of the addiction.