Yoga for Seniors

Yoga continues to be a practice for every body!  Yoga is not just for the young, flexible, strong, and folks with good balance. It is a practice that can be customized to serve the needs of the practitioner, even the senior population. Senior yoga classes differ in some specific ways from a regular adult class, while maintaining the integrity of this ancient practice of holistic health and wellness. The intentional changes to the format of a senior yoga class are designed to allow participants to experience the full spectrum of yoga’s benefits; including improved immunity, circulation, strength and flexibility, plus decreased blood pressure and stress, to mention a few. It is important to communicate any physical conditions one has to the yoga instructor as there may be specific poses one should practice and some that one should modify or avoid altogether. Senior yoga student, Karen S., shares, “Since I am unable to kneel on my right knee, I have found senior yoga the perfect form of exercise for me.  I am still able to stretch to increase flexibility, stamina, and balance.  Taking time to breathe correctly has made me aware of my surroundings and what my body is saying to me.  This is something that I can continue as I get older, and adapt it to fit my changing needs.” Continue reading “Yoga for Seniors”

Yoga is for Every Body: Debunking Myths about Yoga

Yoga is an ancient practice that promotes health for the whole individual. Yoga, meaning “to join”, incorporates gentle stretches with conscious breathing and relaxation techniques to create a body-mind-spirit experience. The vast benefits of yoga include increased flexibility, strength, balance, focus, and improved sense of well-being. People of all ages, backgrounds and abilities can do yoga.

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