Hatha Yoga Classes

  • My yoga practice is the time each week that I take to reconnect with my mind and body. No matter what else may be happening in my life, this is the time that I put myself first. I find the practice of yoga refreshing and rejuvenating. In addition to the obvious physical benefits of improved flexibility and balance, yoga helps me think more clearly and put life’s issues into perspective. I have enjoyed Jenn’s teachings for three years and look forward to the new challenges that each class presents.”  ~ Amy E.


  • “Jenn’s class gives me many new insights, and the periodic meditations she
    shares are gems for reflection and tend to shed light on the exact issues
    that I happen to be dealing with at the time! And as I am someone who
    really needs accountability to continue with my discipline, the weekly
    contact really works for me, as well as the benefit of having someone else
    lead me through the exercises. I appreciate the invitation for each of us
    to practice at our own “skill level” and not compare ourselves to anyone
    else around us. It’s another good reminder for daily living, and accepting
    the nature of this present moment, without wishing to change it or escape
    it. Yoga is truly a way of life!”  ~ Wendy S.


  • Jenn is a compassionate, genuine, and caring person; someone with whom you immediately feel at home.  Her classes can be described as meditation in motion.  Through staying with the breath and moving into the physical postures, she teaches you the root of what yoga is about: quieting the mind.  Her classes are welcoming and non-competitive.  The end result is that you walk out of her class feeling relaxed and at peace. Practicing now for a few years, I can look back and see the results of applying yoga philosophy to my daily life.  By staying in the present moment I am able to simplify my life, blocking out extraneous noise and worries and approaching daily tasks with mindfulness, more mental focus and clarity.   Don’t get me wrong, I still lapse back into old habits at times.  But before I’m too far down the terribly stressed path, I can stop, breathe, and realign my thinking in a helpful rather than harmful way. I find I am a more patient person and believe I am a better wife and mother because I have given to myself.   In taking the time for myself and in quieting my mind I have more to give back to my family and others in my life.” ~ Laura G.


  • Ever since I started Jenn’s yoga class two years ago, I have experienced more peace than in any other time of my life.  Through the various postures, I have learned how to remain grounded yet uplifted, centered but open, and present without judgment (although I am still a work in progress).  I have rediscovered my breath which has nourished me and enabled me to release my tensions and become more tolerant of uncomfortable situations.  Yoga has created not only a more supple body in me, but also a more flexible mind and open heart.  It has presented me with a priceless gift; the opportunity to leave behind the scattered thoughts and chaos of my mind in order to dive into the vast ocean of my heart where I can feel connected with the Oneness of the universe.  This peace and connectedness inspires me to live with intention, to treat others with more kindness, and to be more patient and loving towards myself.  I have learned that yoga extends far beyond my yoga mat; every day presents numerous opportunities for me to practice living in the present!  It’s not always easy but I am constantly reminded that yoga, like life, is really about the journey and not the final destination. I feel very fortunate to have Jenn as my yoga instructor.  She has become a true mentor and friend.  Always with a kind word and a calming presence, Jenn conveys yoga in a manner that is easy to understand and just feels right.  At the end of every session with her, I am left feeling serene, energized, free and taller (and that’s a lot coming from someone who is only five foot tall)!  I recommend yoga highly for everyone; it’s not just for people who are flexible!” ~ Sunita B.

Yoga Classes for Companies & Organizations

  • Yoga has been a very positive force in my life. I spend all day at a computer, and yoga has been great at relaxing my neck and shoulders. It’s also helped me learn to relax mentally and better deal with day-to-day stress. I would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a way to unwind.”  ~ Todd H.

Kids Yoga

  • “Lucy Rose says she likes yoga as it makes her feel all “relaxy”.  I like the fact that yoga gives us a language for communicating about feelings and ways to manage anger and stress.  Now, we do lion pose when we’re mad and child’s pose when we’re sad.  Sometimes, at the beginning of class,  my daughter would be nervous as she was one of the littlest yogis.  But after class she was always glad she had stayed.  My family and friends are skeptical that young people can do group yoga, but that’s only ‘cuz they haven’t met Yogi Jenn.  Her background in special ed and commitment to yoga for everyone make her a great classroom leader.  Her kids classes combine the same things every week (wiggle-stop yoga, sun salutations, relaxtion)  with something new and special each day.” ~ Matti


  • “My delightfully playful and energetic five-year-old son was being particularly playful and especially energetic one morning but for some reason, I wasn’t delighted.  It took every ounce of patience I could muster to redirect his energy into getting ready for school.  As I buckled him into his car seat, I remarked that he would have a much more successful day at school if he could figure out a way to calm down.  Much to my surprise, he cheerfully replied, “It’s ok, Mom, I know what to do.”  He then crossed his legs, rested his hands on his knees, closed his eyes, and quietly chanted, “Om….shanti……shanti…..shanti….(all is peace).”  He then opened his eyes and was a calm, peaceful, and completely delightful boy.  I attribute this amazing transformation to Yogi Jenn’s Kids’ Yoga classes.  My son J.T.  and I highly recommend her teachings to everyone.” ~ Pam L.

Family Yoga

  • Yoga Jenn is patient, mindful, and energetic all at the same time!  She teaches our family  how to express difficult emotions in healthful ways.  We often learn that these emotions are shameful and should be properly suppressed.  Yoga Jenn offers tools to express them in fun and effective ways that always make us end up laughing! My 3 year old daughter loves coming to Family Yoga with Jenn.  Not only are the poses fun and a good way to get energy out, but I also notice my daughter practicing the breathing techniques outside of class. ” ~ Lindsay Samuelson, ND

Teen Yoga

  •  I invited Jenn to teach during a month-long intensive yoga class I offered to high school students at Maumee Valley Country Day School. Jenn’s instruction was perfectly pitched at my students; she was careful to learn everyone’s nameand she spoke to the class respectfully as young adults. She has a gentle
    touch, both literally and metaphorically. Jenn was careful to get students’
    permission before she touched them. Jenn wonderfully complemented and extended the work with the yoga poses I had started with the students. She was intensely interested in my assessment of “where the students were” and she crafted her classes based on my feedback and student feedback. Jenn’s yoga instruction is also gently philosophical, and when I participated with my students I felt blessed by her gentle suggestions. Jenn’s lessons are thematic, and in the teaching of the postures she makes observations about striving and surrendering, and about being honest with oneself. I have no reservations recommending Jenn to any group of high school
    students.” ~ Mary Ellen N.